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The Magic of Goddess Travels

If you've ever considered travelling to India you may want to read the below review to see how Goddess Travels can provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Thank you so much for the most fantastic trip. Traveling on a trip arranged by Goddess Travels was superb. Every aspect of our trip's organization was handled with such outstanding capability. From our first personal meetings, my concern about going to India was put at ease.

When I realized that Rohini, would be traveling with us, it made my concerns about travel to India disappear. She has led many tours to India. Her communication skills are excellent, she was readily available for all questions and concerns. She returned emails promptly, addressing any question thoroughly and thoughtfully. Equally important is her demeanor. She didn't push a set itinerary. While we had an idea of what we wanted to see. She took that information and planned a trip that far surpassed what we hoped for. She made suggestions that enriched our trip so much.

We were in India for 21 days. Upon arriving at New Delhi airport, a driver was there waiting to take us to our hotel. Each driver arranged was so adept at maneuvering the traffic and roads. They were dependable and reliable. Always where they needed to be, to pick us up, or get us to our next destination. The traffic in India is chaotic, crowded, overwhelming, unlike anything I had experienced. The drivers were so good!! It was such a relief to be in a comfortable clean van, knowing that we were in good hands. After a few days, driving with such great drivers, I weirdly felt safer than I do here at home, on some of our highways. They knew how to handle all the crazy aspects of traveling on the road in India. Having the connections to arrange these excellent drivers is so important. I didn't know how important until we experienced it. What a fantastic job they did! In India, there is always someone readily available, claiming that they can arrange whatever it is you need. But, you would not be able to trust exactly what you would be getting. The experience of Goddess Travels guarantees that you are in trustworthy, capable, excellent hands.

We saw so many wonders! Having someone handle all the arrangements freed us to experience everything we were seeing. All of the guides we used were prearranged prior to our arrival. They were so fantastic. So knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They did a great job, not only with the sites we were seeing but at answering questions that came up about India and it's culture. It felt much more personal than just procuring a guide at the site. It was such a personalized trip as if good friends were showing you the most wondrous things in their country.

We stayed at some of the most beautiful hotels. Each one special with something that stands out.

While everything was so perfect. The highlights for me: circumnavigating Arunachala at full moon( it energized me), seeing the temple complex from the scenic overlook, having a special blessing performed for us, and going to Ramana Maharishi Ashram, going inside the Matramandir, the Aarti, seeing the Taj for the first time from the Moon garden, Sarnath (circumnavigating the Stupa), Mahabalipuram, Amer Fort by Elephant with the special lunch in the fabulous restaurant, which gave you a glimpse of the opulence in the Palaces, watching my husband get a turban folded on his head, walking through the tunnels, taking the rickshaw's through Old Delhi, Udaipur and Lake Pichola and the Lake Palace, Jaipur, the pink city, shopping ,shopping , shopping!!! The Astronomy garden, with those huge instruments that one man came up with so long ago, our astrology readings, my fortune from a van, I really loved it all. And I will never forget the monkey temple.

I found India to be the most fascinating country. It was so many contrasting things. Such beauty and spirituality. I admire the strong faith of the Indian people. The beliefs that have withstood centuries. The history and the ancient sites that were built so well that they have withstood the ravages of time. I loved that every place we went, there were people from all over the country going there to see the same things we were seeing. We were amid and amongst the people of the country, seeing the wonders and sharing the experience.

Rohini, our trip was outstanding. It was because of you that we had such a magical, wondrous experience. I thank you from the bottom of my heart that is filled with much love and gratitude for you.-Kathy, Boulder, CO

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