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Goddess Travels Customized Tours

If Goddess Travel Tour dates don't fit into your schedule, consider a private customized tour. Let Goddess Travels take care of all your arrangements, hotels, guides, restaurants and sightseeing any time of the year, any part of the country. Let Goddess Travels help maximize your experience.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your passion for India with my mom and me. It was fantastic and so special to see it with the help of the wonderful guides you arranged for us. I returned to the US with sensory overload. I have NEVER experienced such intense culture shock. It was like a huge celebration for all my senses. I loved the incredible stimulation of all the colors of India - the gorgeous red, gold, lime green, orange, turquoise, purple and the rest of the rainbow colors on all the women's saris, and all of the colors of the temples, and spices in the markets as well as the golden orange marigolds. Oh my gosh and all the sounds - the constant honking, the Bollywood music, the barking dogs, not to mention the yummy smells of the Indian cuisine - I love curry and all the paneer dishes. Really amazing how all the senses are awakened.

It is all thanks to you that I went to India. If I had not attended your presentation and seen India through your eyes, I would not have been so inspired.

Thanks for all you did to help us create beautiful memories!"-Lori Kashman

"My trip from start to finish was perfect. The first week with Lori was just magical. Thank you for making the week move along so seamlessly. We enjoyed our guides and the itineraries you created. You were correct, the hotels were lovely and added to our enjoyment. Thank you for all the help you generously offered to both Lori and me."- Mary Kashman

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