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“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

– Mary Anne Radmacher

“Whether you’re going on your first trip or returning to India , I highly recommend you check out the tours offered by Goddess Travels. Specializing in women and couples custom and group travel, it’s sure to be a trip of a lifetime!  Rohini is the best tour organizer and guide I know. She'll take great care of you and all your needs." ~Asher Fergusson, Author of 201 India Travel Tips- The Ultimate Free Beginners Guide.

"I want to thank you for leading me (us) on this incredible adventure! I am so grateful that I found you (Goddess Travels) and had the opportunity to travel with you and Shanthi. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of my Indian journey but am so grateful for my North India part of the trip. I truly enjoyed every aspect with you. The sights, accommodations, food, guides, timing (and free time), and flexibility were perfect for me. Thank you again for providing your extensive insight,  love for the country and showing me Incredible India!"-Debbie, Peoria IL, USA


"Thank you so much for the most fantastic trip. Traveling on a trip arranged by Goddess Travels was superb. Every aspect of our trip's organization was handled with such outstanding capability. From our first personal meetings, my concern about going to India was put at ease. When I realized that Rohini, would be traveling with us, it made my concerns about travel to India disappear. She has led many tours to India. Her communication skills are excellent, she was readily available for all questions and concerns. She returned emails promptly, addressing any question thoroughly and thoughtfully. Equally important is her demeanor. She didn't push a set itinerary. While we had an idea of what we wanted to see. She took that information and planned a trip that far surpassed what we hoped for. She made suggestions that enriched our trip so much.

We were in India for 21 days. Upon arriving at New Delhi airport, a driver was there waiting to take us to our hotel. Each driver that she arranged was so adept at maneuvering the traffic and roads.  The drivers were so good!! It was such a relief to be in a comfortable clean van, knowing that we were in good hands. I weirdly felt safer than I do here at home on some of our highways.  Having the connections to arrange these excellent drivers is so important. I didn't know how important until we experienced it. 

The experience of Goddess Travels guarantees that you are in trustworthy, capable, excellent hands. We saw so many wonders! Having someone handle all the arrangements, freed us to experience everything we were seeing.  All of the guides we used were prearranged prior to our arrival. They were so fantastic. So knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They did a great job, not only with the sites we were seeing but at answering questions that came up about India and it's culture. It felt much more personal than just procuring a guide at the site.   It was such a personalized trip as if good friends were showing you the most wondrous things in their country. We stayed at some of the most beautiful hotels. Each one special with something that stands out. 

The highlights for me: Tiruvannamalai and circumnavigating Arunachala at full moon( it energized me), being a part of that and seeing the temple complex from the scenic overlook, having a special blessing performed for us, and going to Ramana Maharishi Ashram, going inside the Matramandir( I wish I had more time there), the Aarti, seeing the Taj for the first time from the Moon garden, Sarnath (circumnavigating the Dhamaekh Stupa), Mahabalipuram, Amer Fort by Elephant with the special lunch in the fabulous restaurant, which gave you a glimpse of the opulence in the Palaces, watching my husband get a turban folded on his head, walking through the tunnels, taking the rickshaw's through Old Delhi, Udaipur and Lake Pichola and the Lake Palace, Jaipur, the pink city, shopping ,shopping , shopping!!! The Astronomy garden, with those huge instruments that one man came up with so long ago, our astrology readings, my fortune from a van, I really loved it all. And I will never forget the monkey temple!

I found India to be the most fascinating country. It was so many contrasting things. Such beauty and spirituality. I admire the strong faith of the Indian people. The beliefs that have withstood centuries. The history and the ancient sites that were built so well that they have withstood the ravages of time. I loved that every place we went, there were people from all over the country going there to see the same things we were seeing. We were amid and amongst the people of the country, seeing the wonders and sharing the experience.

Rohini, our trip was outstanding. It was because of you that we had such a magical, wondrous experience. I thank you from the bottom of my heart that is filled with much love and gratitude for you."-Kathy, Boulder, CO, USA













"We both really enjoyed the trip and your company and can’t imagine how we could have had a better experience than the one you organized and shared with us. Rohini, of Goddess travels, was our guide and planner for a trip to India. Everything ran smoothly; she was enthusiastic and welcoming in every way. She also had Shanti, from India, guide with us and Shanti was a delight. Rohini organized all the details impeccably, learned of our interests and helped make our wishes come true, and incorporated special festivals (some of which there were only rare tourists present), special times and places to visit the amazing sights of India when the crowds were less. She arranged local guides for all the stops who were excellent and provided informative insights and great cultural context. We can not recommend Goddess Travels highly enough. Do not hesitate - this is the best way to see India!" -Caren and Bruce, Boulder, CO, USA


"I was thinking again how good the trip was and how all your efforts to find the best hotels, good transportation and experienced guides made it so. Thanks for all your generosity around my birthday too to make it special."-Susan, Boulder, CO, USA

"Thanks for all you did. I know it was like herding cats and a group of women is hard to deal with at times. You did a good job guiding us and staying out of the muck. Loved India."-Ann, Ft Collins, CO, USA

"You have made these last three days a very special treat! My guides were superb, Unni was a very special human being and it was really special to listen to all his stories and their relation to modern times and science. We visited the Sugindra temple, it was a treat with its musical pillars, which Unni managed to get played) and the Padmanabapuram, a very impressive palace with amazing wood work. And then this resort! Kanyakumari was the real India for me, hardly any foreigners and to be among them for sunrise and sunset! It was an experience. So you have one very happy client here." Monika, Boulder, CO, USA

"Rohini Grace put together a wonderful two week trip to south and north India for us.   Whether providing sage advice on how to eat to avoid getting sick, taking us to non-tourist sights,  like the elephant temple (where we were blessed by Lakshmi the elephant outside or the priests inside), the carefully curated array of spiritual experiences (from Matramandir at Auroville, to the elephant temple and the ashram in Pondicherry), the array of country and city hotels,  the moonlight walk around temples, massages on the Bay of Bengal where we could hear the waves and seagulls while we got our massages, to name a few), Rohini and her assistant guide Shanthi, provided us with wonderful memories of India.

It was especially nice to visit the south and north in one trip because they are so different – people, temples, landscapes, climate.  In the south, we had a very non-tourist experience, from the reptile sanctuary to the parrot astrologer to our shopping expedition in the market (with fresh jasmine for our hair) and fun expeditions to the best of Pondicherry’s shops and bargains. 

In north India, it is not possible to focus on non-touristy things because of the wealth of not-to-be-missed sights including Taj Mahal, Jaipur Fort, and Lake Picholi, but Rohini always provided excellent advice about how to get the most from the experiences, whether early risings for the Taj Mahal and Lake Picholi, a special birthday dinner at a charming heritage hotel, a gorgeous palace lunch after hours of walking along the Ganges in Varanasi, or suites at a beautiful old palace in Udaipur.

Thank you, Rohini, for planning and leading such a memorable trip!"-Shelley, San Franciso, CA, USA

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your passion for India with my mom and me.  It was fantastic and so special to see it with the help of the wonderful guides you arranged for us.  I returned to the US with sensory overload.  I have NEVER experienced such intense culture shock.  It was like a huge celebration for all my senses.  I loved the incredible stimulation of all the colors of India - the gorgeous red, gold, lime green, orange, turquoise, purple and the rest of the rainbow colors on all the women's saris, and all of the colors of the temples, and spices in the markets as well as the golden orange marigolds.  Oh my gosh and all the sounds - the constant honking, the Bollywood music, the barking dogs, not to mention the yummy smells of the Indian cuisine - I love curry and all the paneer dishes.  Really amazing how all the senses are awakened.  It is all thanks to you that I went to India.  If I had not attended your presentation and seen India through your eyes, I would not have been so inspired.  Thanks for all you did to help us create beautiful memories!"-Lori, Boulder, CO

“I had a last minute opportunity to go to India for a yoga training and was completely overwhelmed by the planning process. Rohini created a bite sized checklist of action items for me and made the impossible seem possible. She did everything from provide me with tips for my visa application to share insights about the inner workings of specific airports abroad.
She was knowledgeable, diligent, dependable, proactive, an absolute pleasure to talk with, and extremely good at responding quickly to my endless questions.
I am so grateful for her wonderful work and help to plan this trip if a lifetime!!” -Asha, Boulder, CO


"We just want to thank you so much for the trip, the greatest in our life! Everything was perfect: the hotels were great, we especially liked the Ritz-Carlton due to their hospitality and warm staff, the safari was great and the Mysore Palace blew us away. We got to do yoga at the first and the last hotel. We will especially mention that our driver, Akram, took such good care off us, helping us every time we needed and also he drove carefully and defensively in the traffic- impressive! He also took us to magnificent restaurants which meant a lot to us. We were very very satisfied with the trip and will for sure contact you the next time we are going to India."-Trine, France and Liv, Norway

"Rohini helped me to plan and organize my itinerary for India; without her, the trip would certainly not have been so perfect. I'd recommend Goddess Travels for those who need help to organize the itinerary of a solo trip. Rohini was essential to planning the number of days in the cities, the logistics of flights schedules and the cars to take me to the cities away from the airports in Kerala in addition to working with a team of gentle and punctual drivers. I'd also recommend joining a Goddess Travels group, as I did when I joined Rohini and her group of charming and nice people in Varanasi. Thank you, Rohini!"-Sofia, Brazil

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