A Woman's Journey to Bagan, Myanmar

I am standing on top of a temple to the Buddhist gods. I have climbed crumbling stone stairs and am staring at an endless swath of dirt dotted with trees, green and shrubby. The sky is hazy, blue and soft, like eyes of someone who looks at you with tears in them. The sun spreads its last rays of gold, silver, and orange. Thousands of temples spread out around me as if I am the only person on earth. It’s as if god looked down and placed his fingers in the dirt over and over leaving temple after temple. I am standing alone in Burma, with the wind on my face and the sun in my eyes and no one knows me here, but god. My trip to Burma began in a dark movie theater. A movie with no words just music

March 2018, Custom Tour

We just want to thank you so much for the trip, the greatest in our life! Everything was perfect: the hotels were great, we liked especially Ritz-Carlton due to their hospitality and warm staff, the safari was great and the Mysore Palace blew us away. We got to do yoga at the first and the last hotel. We will especially mention to you that our driver, Akram, took such good care off us, helping us every time we needed and also he drove carefully and defensively in the traffic- impressing! He also took us to magnificent restaurants which meant a lot to us. We were very very satisfied with the trip and for sure we will contact you the next time we are going to India. All the best from Liv and T

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