The ABCs of India

The ABCs of India: A way to remember our visit by SBJ Dedicated to my traveling companions: Rohini, Shanthi, Shelley, Ann and Debbie. A is for Ashrams, Auroville, Anthony our driver, and the Amber Fort B is for Bangles and Bindis and the Bay of Bengal C is for Cows, Cows, Cows, Cows in the road, Cows sleeping in doorways, Cows on the ghats, Cows with their calves – and some Camels too D is for Delhi, rolled Dosa on a small plate, Daal made with spices and lentils, and Dogs everywhere E is for Elephants, decorated with paint, who carried us on their backs F is for the Full Moon in Tiruvannamali below the Annamalai, and Fresh Flowers in our hair and floating as patterns in water G is for Ganes

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