30 Essentials for Carry-On-Only Travel

The Goddess Life* Pack-Light List for Women: Why carry-on-only travel? Freedom and simplicity! You won’t lose your luggage, it’s easy to hop on and off planes and cars, wheel your bag along derelict paths and up a flight of steps when needed. So welcome to easier travel! The 30 Essential Items will be split between 2 bags: your carry-on luggage measuring 22x14x9 inches (55x40x20 cm), which will fit in the overhead, and one personal bag, such as a large purse or backpack that you’ll place under your seat. Most airlines have a carry-on weight limit of 20-40 pounds. But, check with your carrier for size and weight limits. 1.Shoes, 3 pairs: Be sure to pack sturdy shoes with good support. Sandals

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