The Sacred Mountain

Thiruvannamalai is famous for the sacred mountain Arunachala. The mountain is in an anomaly standing rigid and alone in the middle of the plains as if it sprouted up of its own accord disregarding the fact that there is no other mountain range close by to keep it company. Legend has it the great god Lord Shiva created the mountain to stop a dispute between two fierce gods and that the mountain itself is an abode of the Lord and bestows great self knowledge to those seekers who find themselves in its vicinity.


Every time I think I have had a long week, I realize it could have been so much more laborious. These women never cease to amaze with their tireless physical stamina, colorful attire and feminine wile. Construction Rajasthani style. Amer Fort, Jaipur. Happy Memorial Day Weekend.


One of the most beautiful creations of man on earth, it is variously admired: as a materialized vision of loveliness, a dream in marble, a noble tribute to the grace of Indian womanhood and a resplendent immortal tear drop on the cheek of time.

Bathing in Roses

The flower market is filled with mountains of marigolds and baskets of roses. The alleyways are flush with color and scent. The creamy buds of jasmine drift like stars woven into the thick braids of the village women. When was the last time you took a bath in a tub full of roses?

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